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02 Des 2015 

Cara Membuat Ayang Panggang Pedas Banget

Cara Membuat Ayang Panggang Pedas Banget - Chicken Noodle merupakah a snack menu in Indonesia which is also preferred by many people other than the meatballs. Streets we can find chicken noodle seller who sells his wares on a wagon wheel or in a shop and stalls. One of them is selling his chicken noodles in a tavern is Chicken Noodle Bangka AL in Bogor. Chicken noodle shop is already present in Bogor since the 70s. Since the start of the early selling any taste never changes. That's why this place is always filled with customers as well as tourists who deliberately trying pleasures.

Bangka al chicken noodle shop sells a variety of resep masakan sederhana distinctive menus Bangka, including chicken noodle, meatball soup, vermicelli, Ice Bangka. The place is exactly located on Jl. Sudirman. Sebenernnya umpteenth time I myself have tried the chicken noodle in the shops AL.

Chicken noodle bangka merupan most favorite menu in this temat. serving of chicken noodle contents of a full bowl of chicken noodle with chicken tipping cincangnya the loads. Of the awful taste of the noodles well with spicy flavors of pepper tasted. Cincangnya chicken were tender and tasty chicken noodles also make it feel very special really. Chicken noodle casserole is usually accompanied by equally well know gravy that tastes as enakanya. Even many who add the meatballs know broth wrote. A plate of chicken noodle fart is appreciated for Rp.19.000.

Once satisfied with his chicken noodles, do not forget each other's favorite menu is iced interference that Seger really. Ice and Chicken Noodle Bangka open ari AL starting at 5 pm until almost midnight. so if there are plans to play to Bogor, ya do not forget to stop by and tried Chicken Noodle Pacific. emang recommendation because this place is really for you who like to eat chicken noodle.
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02 Des 2015 

Wisata Kuliner Ayam Goreng Bumbu Sambal Ijo

Wisata Kuliner Ayam Goreng Bumbu Sambal Ijo - On the second day during vacation in Bali, my friend did some searching for nyari oline dining recommendations near where we were staying. Then he proposed to visit a place whose name Bamboo Restaurant meal that turned out the location is not too far from where we stay. Hearing his name that traditional brbau, I became interested and meiyakan friend's invitation.

We decided to visit the bamboo Restaruant at noon after touring in sektaran where we stay. Fortunately, we do advance booking in the morning, because it was his place bearable met by many tourists as well.

This restaurant http://www.resepmasakanlengkap.com/ does have a different atmosphere than any other restaurant I've ever visited. Starting from the display of lanterns to the fish pond filled with colorful koi. Coupled also with a design similar to the temple so that adds to the peaceful atmosphere. This restaurant provides a variety of interesting menu and I had never tried before. The menu on offer itself is actually a modern Indonesian style menu.

Fire turns Odon here is the name of the person. I just ngeh with the name setealh flipping through the menu with the words Kang Odon Cavalera. Differences with places to eat normally, engga uniformed waiters here, but in casual wear. Consequently rather difficult anyway ngebedain between the servant and who is not.
The menu here is dominated by the menu ranging from chicken noodle noodles, noodles claw, cheese noodles, and so on with the spiciness variants ranging from level 0 to level 5. The hotplate Mie Gludug Rolling Tundher became my preferred level of spiciness level 3. To drink I choose Jabrig Pull juice.
Without delay, the order was arrived at our table. A matter of taste, OK tastes good koq. Spiciness is also very fitting to level 3. spicy noodles with mixed vegetables, dumplings and sliced cheese and spicy brown sauce on top hotlpate looks very tempting. emang especially because I really like spicy taste. after being satisfied with the spicy noodles, juice Pull Jabrig became refreshment thirst fitting baget. Fresh flavor was immediately envelop the entire body.
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29 Nov 2015 

Cerita Memasak Ayam Rica Rica Pedas Banget

Cerita Memasak Ayam Rica Rica Pedas Banget - Hello guys .... want to ask ya, there is already know not drink a concoction of herbs with traditional Indonesian "DKraton". This herbal drink herb alias created by the makers of the best herbs in Bandung. GWA also similar drinks actually just know this one anyway. But first drink tastes ga gwa gwa make nauseated.
Starting on a morning when the stomach gwa start recurred since late breakfast that makes gwa ga appetite and body condition gwa make lemes really. All day gwa hold back pain due to inflammation of the stomach gwa relapsed. As a result because the can not enter the food, the body gwa became worse with the symptoms of colds. May look gwa condition that looks worrying, that's when a co-worker introduced gwa with this DKraton herbal drinks.
See the symptoms being felt gwa, gwa friend recommended to drink flavored rice DKraton Kencur. He said that rice kencur is believed to increase appetite, increase stamina, relieve and heal rheumatic pain, gastroenteritis, colds, flatulence, ulcers and cough. Gwa who already feel really desperate agreed bid of friends gwa.
Honestly initially somewhat excited gwa also make ya herbal drink. Because the dipikiran gwa whose name it tastes bitter herbs and make nauseated. Because that's what always gwa rasain whenever already herbal drink. But since gwa itself already ga delicious flavor with gastric gwa are already rampant, i dared to make this herbal taste. ga turns it feels like gwa imagine. Kencur taste of rice is a little bit sweet acids that make Seger, but the name of herbs tetep no taste bitter after-taste a little but not too flashy.
After drinking ni herbs, gradually gw body already more preferably, and can enter the food again. I start with snacks, such as snack cakes and wafers, which is important there are ngisi gw stomach. Afterwards was really feel fit, new deh gwa fill it with a heavy meal.
Well, gwa grateful gw very same colleagues who introduced this Dkraton. Rice kencur so herbal drinks are always i take for just in case the hull gwa relapse. Actually besides rice kencur there are two kinds of other flavors, which certainly has different properties of rice kencur. Other variants exist Turmeric acids that said fitting for you who again tried diet and Curcuma that bekhasiat to preserve liver function and digestion. GWA itself does besides rice kencur have never tried the other flavors. But according gwa, a sense of the other properties also emang ga doubt.
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